We are al Mansoor plastic factory based in Jordan , we produce all kinds of plastic bags (HDPE, LDPE, Tshirt, shopping, etc...), We produce all kinds of plastic bags in a very high quality

Mansur Industries plant all kinds of plastic bags
In cooperation with the Foundation for bone Amer Brokerage & Investment

The factory produces all kinds of plastic bags of various sizes, colors and printing

The prices ranging from 1600 to $ 2000 depending on demand and according to many things and conditions of a

A - Measurement of the bag
B - thickness of the bag
C - the quality of the bag (raw materials) by demand
D - Is there a print on the bag or not and how much color printing
E - Quantity required

Method of payment be 50% of the value of load at the agreement and the remainder upon completion and before the exit of the car from the factory (in the early stages of the deal)

Ahmed Alkilani
Sales & Marketing  Manager
AL-Mansour plastic ind.,factory
Amman -Jordan
Tel   00962 5 3652000
Fax  00962 5 3650904
Mob 00962 79 7442945

                                Skype;- ahmedalklani Email:- almansoorplasticfactory@gmail.com